About Little Sky Studios

Little Sky Studios has a 17 year history of programming and design, dating back to 1998. The studio is focussed around the work of Ryan Mallen of Adelaide, South Australia, who grew up with technology, music instruments and a passion for ideas.

At the age of 15, Ryan teamed up with 12 people from around the world, including programmers, designers and art enthusiasts to form Impel Productions. The team strived to expand upon the mythical world of Quake, a best-selling video games of that era. As lead programmer, Ryan coded the core features that made up the large-scale 10-mission game with completely 3D interactive environments, new foes, items and an entire full-length soundtrack. The game was published in 1998, landing on store shelves in the UK and earning positive reviews.

From 1998 to 2003, Ryan shifting his focus to web development, starting with a fan-site for a very popular cartoon called Rocko's Modern Life. After broadening his experience, Ryan went on to work with local businesses to produce website and web-stores, while also designing print advertisements and marketing material.

Ryan worked on solo music projects in the coming years, producing piano-based music with folk and classical influences. He released a 3-song EP in 2005 and his follow-up is still in production with 10 songs available for streaming live from this site.

In 2009, Ryan returned to his roots with video game development, releasing Mind Twister in 2010, Noughts and Crosses Extreme in 2011 and Orb Unlimited in 2012. He then expanded into software development, working on the highly successful Colorblind Assistant, a tool that helps color-deficient people in their day-to-day lives. Desktop APM followed in 2013, a self-monitoring tool that helps productivity-focussed people train themselves to become more efficient. Ryan's software development has been the most celebrated of his work, and continues to be his focus going forward.

On a big cloud in the little sky,
Little Sky Studios