Wandering through Longmen Grottoes

100,000 statues are carved into the face of Mount Longmen. Below is a journey into the grottoes, including the many world-listed heritage sites along the way. The largest of all caves, Fengxian, was built between 672 and 676 CE for Chinese empress Wu Zetian and is claimed to be the ultimate in architectural perfection of the Tang dynasty.

Little Sky Studios wins MBE photography competition

In October 2015, Little Sky Studios won the South Australian MBE competition to have their photograph featured in the 2016 calendar. The entry was a photo was taken at Christies Beach, South Australia, at 7:20pm in November 2009 with the sun setting over Gulf St Vincent in the west. It was among the earliest photos taken by Little Sky Studios on a digital SLR, using a Nikon D90 with a Nikon 18-105mm lens.

Thank you to MBE Australia for the opportunity to represent South Australia in their 2016 national calendar.

5 ways to work smarter, not harder with your PC

Choose an efficient keyboard and mouse

There's many keyboard and mouse combinations to choose from, how can you know you're picking the right one? Let's look at some common questions:

Order of operations paradox

There's a controversy that sweeps through social media, causing mathematicians, order-of-operations-enthusiasts and the average Jane or Joe to quarrel until they're red in the face. It's the question what is 6 / 2 * 3? This seemingly simple question is best described as bait for discussion, which if you're trying to reach a mass-audience on social-media, is the desired result of any public group. Facebook rates a post based on the number of comments and likes, without paying attention to the quality of the post itself.

The power of 'powers of 2'

It's a common technique in the world of computers to keep things in powers of 2. For example, there's 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, that's 2 ^ 10 (the ^ symbol represents to the power of). Your computer screen has over 16 million colours, or to be exact 2^8 x 3 (if you're wondering why we multiply by 3, it's for the three channels: red, green and blue).

Colorblind Assistant: reclaiming the world of color

Colorblind Assistant is an advanced colour-naming program that converts the color at the mouse-pointer to a name, assisting color-deficient people. Colorblind Assistant was developed in less than two weeks, as the result of about 16 hours of coding. Since the initial release, nine updates followed, each update tweaking the colour detection algorithm and adding new features, and bringing development time up to 48 hours.

Game Development: choosing a genre

If you're an aspiring video game creator, you've probably considered many different genres to create in. If you've chosen to make video games it's a sure bet that you enjoy playing them. And as gamer you'll be inspired by the complex games, the games with grand design, the most in-depth story and the solid game engine. So when you come to making a game, you'll naturally want to follow down the path of these revolutionary A+ titles.

Programming Example: The Arcane Engine

The Arcane Engine is a free RTS & RPG Engine replicates the essential features of popular games, providing the basic code to begin creating your own RTS or RPG in Fusion 2.5.

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